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Our Vision is that:
Each child will be provided with the opportunity to reach his/her full potential spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. Our aim is to develop the whole child.

For Each child our aim is that:

By the time our children leave us, they will have knowledge of the Catholic faith and a strong sense of belonging to the Catholic Community – as it manifests itself in the parish of Good Shepherd and the universal Church.
The children will receive a sense of the Tradition of the Church, and a knowledge and understanding of their Catholic heritage, whilst accepting the belief of others.

The school community is immersed and engaged in an environment of lived faith, where Christian values are seen as the guiding principles.

The parents of our children are given the opportunity to develop their faith and to share it with the children and each other.

Caring and supportive relationships between children, parents and teachers are developed and are an integral part of the child’s growth and development resulting in a sense of belonging and positive self worth.
Our children receive a curriculum which is well balanced, takes the children’s experiences into account and is permeated by Gospel values.

Our children are educated in an environment which fosters a love of learning, develops the gifts and talents of each child, allows each child to experience success and builds a positive self image in each child.

Our teachers are reflective educators and regular participants in professional development programs. Our children experience programs which promote physical fitness, self discipline, strength, endurance, co-ordination and skill development.